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Members Receive Awards at BRAC Show

Three members of the Anderson Artists Guild received recognition at the 2019 Juried Exhibition at the Blue Ridge Arts Center in Seneca. JoAnne Anderson received the $100 Paul Dohr Watercolor Award for her piece called Blue Monday. The inspiration for this painting was the attitude of the model. “Before I start drawing and painting a person, I look for characteristics that make them unique,” she said. “Attire, body language and facial expression are clues. This model had a melancholy mood I wanted to capture.” Anderson used a Strathmore 500 series Bristol board with watercolor and gouache, coating the paper with a thin coat of white gouache the consistency of whole milk. “When dry, I did a lo

Debbie Bzdyl Selected for Group Exhibition

Social media was a key to Debbie Bzdyl’s selection for her first group exhibition. She was one of eight women artists in a show that ran from Feb. 1-14 at the new Dan Lyles Gallery on 123 South Main Street in Greenville (where the old Art Cellar used to be). Bzdyl had contacted Lyles via Instagram about whether he was taking any new artists for his gallery but didn’t hear back for several weeks. Then he messaged her to ask if she’d be interested in being part of an upcoming show. She was thrilled, especially because it turned out that 50 artists had applied for the eight slots. “That’s how he works,” she said. “He finds artists he feels have potential and are serious about their work. He str

Using Collage to Tell a Story

Diana Walter shared tips on how to create mixed media collages at the Anderson Artists Guild meeting on Feb. 11. She starts with the story, which is usually triggered by a visual image such as a photo. One example she showed was a picture of her grandfather and great-grandfather all dressed up and posing with a fish. Then she gathers related ephemera, such as a letter her grandfather wrote to his wife and a map of Maine, both connected to that family photo, which was taken in Maine. Among the “cool stuff” that she collects for possible use in collages are tea bag papers, Tyvek (a polyester that bubbles up when heated), parts of old books, hagstones, crinoid fossils, skeleton leaves, and rust

Diana Walter to Discuss Mixed Media Collage

Anderson Artists Guild member Diana Walter will talk about using mixed media collages to tell a story at the next guild meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 11, at the Anderson Arts Center. Art as a form of storytelling is what drives Walter. As a child, she took art lessons and tried drawing, painting, and ceramics. But it wasn’t until nine years ago, when she began taking lessons from Julia Peters in Greenville, that Walter feels she came alive as an artist. “That was the beginning for me,” she said. “I’m so interested in history and research, and mixed media collage is a way to combine a lot of the things I love. Many of my pieces will involve some sort of history that’s part of the story

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