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Heritage a Big Influence on Yolize Bowker Monson

Her South African heritage has had an enormous influence on Yolize Bowker Monson’s life and art. Yolize, who joined the Anderson Artists Guild last year, grew up on a farm in Pretoria, South Africa, in a home built by her grandfather. “I climbed the same trees and ate from the same fruit trees as my mom did when she was a child,” said Yolize. One figure who loomed large was Yolize’s maternal grandmother, a prominent South African artist who persevered through a painful nerve condition and 27 surgeries. “No matter how sick she was, she never stopped painting,” said Yolize. “She’s my hero.” During the last few years of her life, Yolize’s grandmother lived with her family in the U.S. One of Yol

Sculptor Finds Inspiration in Myths and Legends

Fallon Vachon, a sculptor, joined the Anderson Artists Guild in December (along with her mom, Michelle Liggett), and the first time she’d ever stepped into the Anderson Arts Center was for the guild’s Christmas party. Yet she left that evening with an invitation from the Arts Center to submit a proposal for a show in 2020. Vachon is eager to join a community of artists as she works towards opening her own studio. The military has been an important part of Vachon’s life. She was born in Charleston, where her parents were stationed in the Navy, and lived all along the East Coast and in Cuba. She herself spent six years in the Air Force with the military police in Ireland, England, and Germany.

The Allure of Cold Wax

Terry Jarrard-Dimond talked about working with oil and cold wax during the March 11 meeting of the Anderson Artists Guild. Having spent most of her career working with textiles, she evolved from painting, printing, and drawing on fabric into painting and eventually became entranced by the soft, hazy look of cold wax. Among the cold wax artists she admires are Stephanie Galloway Brown, Rebecca Crowell, Lisa Pressman, Lisa Boardwine, and Pamela Caughey. Here’s some of the advice that Jarrard-Dimond offered: * Wear gloves to protect your skin. * Use cold wax from either the Gamblin or Dorland companies. Do not use cold wax from the Williamsburg company since it has no agents to help it dry. Eve

Terry Jarrard-Dimond to Speak at Next Meeting

Terry Jarrard-Dimond, an artist with a very diverse portfolio, will speak at the next meeting of the Anderson Artists Guild on Monday, March 11, at 6:30 p.m. at the Anderson Arts Center. “I think of myself as an artist who is not limited to a specific medium,” she said. “I work through process and a dialogue with materials which include fiber, wood, metal, encaustic paint, oil and cold wax, and acrylic paint.” Oil and cold wax will be the focus of her presentation on March 11. “We have an idea of wax as a solid when it’s cold or a liquid when it’s hot,” she said. But the cold wax she uses as a medium has the consistency of butter. She adds pigment to it—oil paint or raw pigments—and then app

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