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Four AAG Members in Hartwell Juried Show

Four Anderson Artists Guild members are part of the current Juried Art Exhibit at the Hartwell Art Center in Georgia. The exhibit opened on July 15 and runs through Sept. 11, 2021.

With 73 pieces, this is the largest exhibit in the center’s history. AAG members in the show are Evelyn Beck, Rebecca Lawson Carruth, Carolyn Gibson, and Diana Walter.

Evelyn Beck won the Two-Dimensional Award for her fiber piece Coney Island. “I am drawn to amusement parks artistically, which is ironic since I hate actually going on the rides,” she said. “There’s something about them that suggests a combination of freedom and hedonism that I enjoy as inspiration. This piece is based on a photo of Coney Island from the 1980s. What most enchanted me were the cars in the air and the feet dangling out of them. And I liked the way that the line of cars seemed to merge with the crowds on the ground. The biggest challenge was capturing that crowd on the sidewalk. I wanted to suggest a mass of people with some sense of individuals. I struggled with balancing some representational details with more abstract streaks to suggest movement. I was happy with how it turned out.”

Carolyn Gibson won the Color Photography Award for her photo Dawn’s Early Light. “One of the joys of watching the sunrise at the beach is being able to create interesting photos and compositions each time I go,” she said. “This particular image is a combination of a moonlit view integrated with an early morning sunrise. It reminded me of the darkness of night turning into the dawn of the next day. I find interesting the variety and differences of each sunrise as they appear on the horizon.”

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