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Look for Member Booths at the Soiree

Four Anderson Artists Guild members will be among the vendors at the Anderson Soiree, which will be held downtown this Friday and Saturday, April 28-29.

Monica Iverson, whose oil paintings use vintage toys or objects to tell a story, participated last year for the first time. “I attended last year's show with no expectations. What I found was an overwhelming support from the community and a fantastic turnout the entire weekend. My sales were excellent, selling one large original and several small originals along with many prints. I expect to match those sales, if not exceed them, this year as well. I look forward to this year's show with great anticipation.”

Yvonne Park participated many years ago during the Soiree’s original run. “I had just started painting back then, and I sold one painting. It was a rose. That was one of my first sales, and I was so excited!” she said. “My goal this year is to have a few more sales than that, lol. I did not apply last year and could've kicked myself. I went to check it out, though, and it was great! Happy to be a vendor this year.”

Andrea Harper will have a booth there for the first time. Her goal is to at least make back the booth fee. However, she said, “I’d love to sell out!”

Sherron Fergason is also participating.

For more information about the Soiree, visit


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