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10 AAG Members in Pickens Show

Ten Anderson Artists Guild members have pieces in the 2022 juried show at the Pickens County Museum of Art & History: Teresa Anderson, Evelyn Beck, Carolyn Gibson, Pamela Hunt, Tommy Hunt, Brenda McLean, Donna O’Hara, Kate Salley Palmer, Karen Powell, and Diana Walter.

The show opened on Oct. 26 and will run through Dec. 16.

Diana Walter won an Honorable Mention Award for Repurposed (mixed media), which is pictured above. Here are her thoughts on this piece:

“The inspiration was a layer of rust that had formed on a piece of metal left abandoned in the backyard—there were subtle and layered colors, lots of interesting patterns, and a very coarse surface texture. The rust had transformed the original object into something unusable but interesting nonetheless.

“The process started with creating the center piece—an acrylic pull from a rusted surface. (Actually, all this began with an experiment—I wanted to see if I could ‘lift’ some of the color and textures created by layers of rust that had formed on a piece of metal. The result was exactly what I was hoping for—a rusted surface that had some transparency to it.) Once I had the center piece, I started placing other papers that had the colors and textures I thought would best set off the rusted acrylic. Some of the papers were stained with acrylic paint, others with tea. A number of fiber papers were used as well to add texture. I finished the piece with some ‘mark making,’ but instead of using paint or India ink, I used metal wire.

“The biggest challenge was peeling the dried acrylic off the rusted surface in a way that I could actually use. (At first the acrylic medium would adhere so solidly to the metal that I could only get it up in small pieces. It took a few tries with different types of medium—and pouring them to different thicknesses—in order to get the right combination so that I could peel up a big enough piece to use in the final collage.)”

For more information about the show, including a list of all the winners and photos of many of the pieces, visit


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