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13 AAG Members in BRAC Juried Show

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

The 2021 Juried Show opened at The Blue Ridge Arts Center (BRAC) in Seneca on Jan. 15 and continues through Feb. 25. No opening reception was held due to public health concerns.

Thirteen Anderson Artists Guild members had works selected for the show. Their pieces were among the 74 pieces selected by juror Denise Woodward-Detrich. AAG members in the show are Evelyn Beck, Sue Cheney, Carolyn Gibson, Sharon Jacobs, Julie Lamp, Brenda McLean, Hamed Mahmoodi, Donna O’Hara, Yvonne Park, Karen Powell, Lori Solymosi, Diana Walter, and Michelle Winnie.

The $250 2D Works Award went to AAG member Lori Solymosi for her mixed media piece Margaret Gorman 1921 The First Miss America (pictured above). “This painting is from a series I am working on depicting female icons,” Solymosi said. “The reference photograph was taken 100 years ago on the Atlantic City boardwalk. Margaret Gorman was 16 years old at the time. I love the whimsy and innocence of this photograph. However, looking at the photo in the context of 2021, I see a young girl in a crucifixion pose, wrapped in an American flag, wearing a caricature Liberty crown, and I can’t stop thinking about the many sacrifices, deaths and changes in our nation since then. This photograph became replete with symbolism.

“I began this piece with collage elements then added drawing and painting while establishing a color palette. I had to paint over a lot of beautiful color which was difficult but necessary. Lately my process has been one of creating chaos and seeking order. This back and forth went on for weeks. At one point I had to resort to a grid in order to get the proportions correct. It wasn’t until I added design elements for interest and some hopeful colors that I considered this painting finished.”

A list of all entries in the show is at


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