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15 AAG Members in BRAC Juried Show

Updated: Jun 12

The 2024 juried show at the Blue Ridge Arts Center (BRAC) opened on May 17 and will close with a reception and juror talk on Friday, June 21 from 5:30-7:00 p.m.


Fifteen Anderson Artists Guild members had works accepted into the show: Teresa Anderson, Larry Bennett, Dale Cochran, Wendy Converse, Melody Davis, Sherron Fergason, Sally Hunter, Julie Lamp, Hamed Mahmoodi, Donna O’Hara, Kate Palmer, Karen Powell, Debbie Rote, Lori Solymosi, and Diana Walter.


Four AAG members won awards. Lori Solymosi won the Best in Show Award for Arise from the Epidermis (mixed media). Dale Cochran won the Best in Works on Paper Award for Hogwarts Alumni (graphite). Wendy Converse won the Best in 3D Award for Stitch (wood-fired ceramic). Melody Davis won the Paul Dohr Memorial Award for Salvation Denied (mixed media). Here are their reflections on these pieces:


Lori Solymosi’s Arise from the Epidermis


“This piece was inspired by a model in a life drawing session. After the model finished her last pose, she put on her kimono and did a series of slow-moving poses which allowed photos to be taken. I envisioned the piece right away; it spoke to me about transformation and change, the kimono-like butterfly wings, her graceful moves like a dancer. I was reminded of the quote ‘If nothing ever changed there’d be no butterflies.’ With changes taking place in my personal life, I try to look for silver (in this case gold leaf) linings. The piece is mixed media including collage, acrylic mediums and paints, drawing, rust-activated paint and gold leaf. About a year ago I started a body of work called Nature’s Patina. mostly landscapes relating to the effects of the elements of nature on things. This is the first figurative piece in which I employed those techniques. I knew the piece was meant to be a triptych. I ordered a custom maple frame which I thought the panels would securely fit. I did not allow for the extra size of the canvas corners which are folded; therefore, the frame was about 1/4 of an inch too small and the canvases bowed. This happened just before a recent trip, I ordered new individual frames which were waiting for me when I returned. Once they were installed, I was very pleased with the presentation. Sometimes trying new things and investing a little more than usual pays off; this piece is one of those times."


Dale Cochran’s Hogwarts Alumni


My granddaughter is the model for this mixed-media piece. Her t-shirt decal inspired the theme of the drawing. I aimed for a magical feel in my execution by backlighting the figure and using water-soluble ArtGraf to paint in the background.”


Wendy Converse’s Stitch


“This is a wood-fired ceramic sculpture. For the past couple of years, I have been enamored with the creation of mechanical creatures. After creating very organic work for many years, I was looking for a way to reintroduce some highly detailed and refined forms back into my artwork. I looked to my day-to-day life for inspiration and became fascinated with the pipes, valves and gauges on hydraulic machinery that I work with at my day job. That served as a jumping off point to try to recreate these mechanical forms in clay. From there, it has just been a lot of experimenting and having fun.” 


Melody Davis’ Salvation Denied 


“This is a rendition of a homeless woman from a photo I took in Pittsburgh. She did not have her hands pressed together, but I took liberties. I am always devastated when I see a woman on the street because I know how dangerous it is—AND—it easily could have been me if not for my mother’s intervention when my son was only three and my husband left us after charging thousands of dollars to accounts he had taken out in my name.” 


BRAC is located at 111 E. South 2nd Street in Seneca. For more information, visit


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