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Deane King's Work On Display This Week

Deane King, a member of the Anderson Artists Guild, will be part of an exhibition by a group of oil painters called The Painterly Ladies on Thursday, April 26, from 5:00-7:00 p.m. in Greenville.

Her involvement with this group of 12 artists dates back 11 years, when Joye Burkhardt invited her to join. The collective paints together once a week, meets monthly for critiques of each other’s work followed by lunch, hosts two workshops each year with acclaimed artists, and puts together an exhibit two or three times a year. The result is camaraderie, encouragement, exposure, and sales of their artwork. King’s daughter, Betsy King Powell, is also a member of the group. Powell and King’s son, Rich, Jr., both live in Greenville, along with four grandchildren.

A North Carolina native, King has a bachelor’s degree in art education from Greensboro College. She and her husband, Richard, moved to Anderson in 1970 for his bank job, and she taught high school and junior high school art and started the art component for Project Challenge. She also helped decorate homes and as a result opened an interior design business, Highland House Interiors. After 33 years, she still enjoys her work. While living in North Carolina her home was featured in a major publication. “I love working with people,” she said. “I love putting colors together—that’s my specialty.” She has also participated in several design Show Houses.

King’s oil paintings feature mostly natural landscapes and architecture, and she works from her own photographs of places. She calls her style realistic/impressionistic.

For more information about The Painterly Ladies’ upcoming exhibition, visit

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