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Susan Anderson's Photos on Display

Anderson Artists Guild member Susan Anderson’s photographs are on exhibit in the display case on the first floor of the Anderson Arts Center from March 11 through May 13.

Here are Anderson’s reflections on a few of her photos:

The Beauty of Spring in South Carolina: I am not a technical photographer. I see something that intrigues me and I take the photo. One of my favorites is the beautiful azalea tree. Throughout my life I adored my mother. I remember that she had one thing she hated in the kitchen. At the sink she wanted to look at the beauty outside instead of a wall. The day I took this photo, I was standing at my sink and looked outside. What I saw took my breath away. And I said, ‘Mom, this is for you.’”

Wind: “While vacationing in Cabo St. Lucas, we went on a sailing dinner cruise. As the captain put the sail up, I lay on the floor and took a shot through the sail.”

Fire Flies: “I was attending a Christmas party and the host started a bonfire. It was beautiful with sparks and color. There were many people around the bonfire. I used Photoshop to eliminate the crowd and blacken the background.”

The Street Parrots: It was taken in Alexandria, Virginia, while walking through the town. I did not do Photoshop because it was fine the way it was taken. In 2010 the Anderson Arts Center had an animal art show and The Street Parrots won second prize.

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