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3 Members Featured in Watermedia Digital Show

Three members of the Anderson Artists Guild are represented in the 2019 South Carolina Watermedia Society Spring Digital Show, which can be viewed at

Rebecca Carruth’s piece is called Dusty Ride. “My inspiration was a young man sitting beside me at a concert, Samuel Crane,” she said. “He told me he was a bull rider and he was going to be famous one day. The painting was from his profile picture on Facebook. (I contacted him and got permission to use it). This was the second of two paintings that I did (the first was Samuel’s Ride)—the difference being the background, the dust and it enveloping him. To do this, I did something off the top of my head and knew I was taking a chance of ruining what I had just spent two weeks painting. I sprayed a sealer on it so I could come back with some Georgia red clay color out of the tube and dry brush it on, my first and last time doing this. I thought I would struggle with the face, on both paintings, but remembered hearing another artist talking about turning the painting and photo upside down and so I did along with using the grille of the helmet as a grid.”

Wesa Neely’s piece is called Porter’s Lodge at the Cistern. “My piece was a long time coming as part of my collegiate series,” she said. "My son and his wife met at the College of Charleston so this piece is special to me! They gave me the idea of painting the building which is near the Cistern area. This is where graduation ceremonies take place. I loved painting the wonderful low country trees, but I struggled some with the old building! The old weathered stone was a challenge to paint in watercolor!”

Diana Carnes’ piece is called Horse Madness. “My SCWS digital piece is part of a series of ‘mysterious’ horse renditions I work on between building paper sculptures with the gang from the OLLI Clemson Art Interest Group,” she said. “The series is coming about as horse figures emerging from trees (and other backgrounds). Horse Chestnut was my first inspiration. This one is titled Horse Madness but is the lurking and emerging of equine figures in and from the background in unexpected places. It is a lark, just for my pleasure. I find my work very cartoon-like but good fun.”

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