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South Carolina Watermedia Spring Digital Show Features 4 AAG Members

The South Carolina Watermedia Society (SCWS) is currently exhibiting its 2020 Spring Digital Show. The show includes artwork by 95 SCWS members, including four Anderson Artists Guild (AAG) members. Here are the accepted pieces from the AAG members along with their reflections:

When Life Hands You a Lemon by Diana Gilham
"I am inspired by the English watercolorist Ann Blockley. This was a pouring and I added additional color when I saw what looked like a lemon."

Passion Tendered by Rebecca Carruth

"Three of my favorite flowers are the poppy, orchid and passion flower. I find them kind of mysterious with eye-catching beauty. I had not painted in a few months and was feeling doubtful about my abilities as a painter and figured what I had already accomplished was just luck. My painting buddies and I decided to have an in-house paint session. As Ruth Hopkins once told me, “You always pick the hardest things to paint.” I guess this day I was again challenging myself and was pleased with the outcome of the painting and a renewed confidence in myself after a dose of encouragement from artist pals. I did not use any special techniques or materials, just watercolors and 300-pound Hot Press Arches paper."

Market Vendor by JoAnne Anderson
"It is painted on hot-pressed Bristol board. The medias used were watercolor and gouache. The inspiration is from a series I am working on—images of women around the world selling their wares at local markets. The paint was applied with w/c brushes and the edges of damp sponges dipped in paint. Using the sponges was a challenge but fun."
Tumultous by Wesa Neely
"The swirling waters I watched as I traveled on a cruise a few years ago fascinated me. The many blues and patterns! This painting is quite different from my usual pieces. I used watercolors with some pouring techniques and even added a few pastels for brightness. It was fun and stretched my thinking!"

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