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Clemson Arts Center Launches Artist-in- Residence Program

The Clemson Arts Center is seeking participants for a new Artist-in-Residence program at Clemson Downs, a local retirement community.

Starting in September and continuing at least through a nine-month pilot period, one artist at a time will spend once a week for three months in the Memory Care Unit at Clemson Downs. Supported by nurses and other staff members and using a tool kit about making art accessible to people with dementia and Alzheimer’s from the Museum of Modern Art, the artist will lead residents through the creation of an artistic project. This artwork will later be presented in a community exhibition.

“The goal is to get people with dementia and Alzheimer’s really engaged in the project,” said Joan Phillips, director of the Clemson Arts Center. “Case studies and research show that when people with these issues engage in an art-making process, memories begin coming back, popping in and out. These individuals also become more communicative and social.”

The Arts Center is applying for a $5000 cross-sector impact grant from the South Arts Foundation, but the program will proceed whether or not that application is successful. Selected artists will receive a stipend and all supplies. All South Carolina artists are eligible. “We’re hoping to get art therapists or those who’ve already worked with dementia patients, but that isn’t a break-or-make deal,” said Phillips.

To apply, contact Phillips at

Next week: Learn about the Clemson Arts Center’s new mural program.


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