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Dania Zahlouk Is Developing Her Watercolor Skills

New Anderson Artists Guild member Dania Zahlouk attended college in her native Syria to become an elementary school art teacher, but she never worked in that field. Instead, she and her husband, a physician, came to the U.S, 17 years ago, living in Cleveland and Charleston before settling in Anderson in 2009.

After immigrating, Zahlouk focused on improving her English language skills and on raising her four children. She also continued to sew, a skill learned from her mother and grandmother, and sells items such as stuffed toys, lanyards, and masks on Etsy.

She started painting in college despite some limitations. “Our schools didn’t have the perfect tools to do that,” she said.

These days, she paints mostly watercolors, a medium she finds the most fun. Her subjects range from flowers to downtown Anderson—“whatever is on the mood,” she said. She often paints from photographs she has taken or those she has secured permission to use. She takes classes when she can and enjoys trying on different styles.

She also expresses herself through photography and cooking and shares those talents on Instagram.

And she is looking forward to traveling again, especially to see family in Syria and Australia.

For more information about Zahlouk, visit or


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