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Deadline Nears for Emerging Artist Grant

For the third year in a row, the South Carolina Arts Commission is offering Emerging Artist Grants to artists in the state who are in the early stages of their careers (up to five years). The grant was recently increased to $1800, which can be used for supplies and materials, equipment, furniture, and professional services in support of a project to be completed during the grant period (January to June 2023). The deadline to apply is Oct. 18, 2022.

Anderson Artists Guild member Evelyn Beck was a recent recipient of this grant, completing her project earlier this year. She created six fiber art pieces, each one featuring a different South Carolina bridge. Her goal was to capture them in more meaningful ways by highlighting their history, their practical importance, their beauty, and their place in our imaginations as a symbol of connectivity.

“The grant not only offered funding for the creation of this artwork, but it allowed me the chance to interact with five other grant recipients as well as a staff member at the Arts Commission during monthly Zoom meetings,” said Beck. “It was valuable to get feedback on my work and to articulate my goals as an artist. I also learned about other grant funding, how to present my work, and how to reach out to other artists about working together. I encourage others who are early in their artistic careers to apply. And the good news is that an emerging artist can be any age.”

Beck’s six completed pieces from the grant are pictured above.

For more information about the Emerging Artist Grant, visit


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