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Karen Powell's Paintings on Display at Gateway

Anderson Artists Guild member Karen Powell has 16 oil paintings currently on display in a sideshow running concurrent with the main show at the Gateway Arts Center in Westminster June 4 to July 5.

“Since moving here last September, I have been amazed at all the art opportunities in the area,” said Powell. “Having had a mural business before, I connected with Melody Davis at Gateway Arts Center who does beautiful murals in Westminster. Gateway Art Center opened its first art show since COVID on June 4 this year. To introduce me to the area as a new artist and board member, Melody offered me a whole room in the show.”

Pictured above are three of the pieces in the show, and here are some reflections from Powell:

Barnyard Beauty: “A few chickens were coming out of a shed at a farm I was visiting, making a lot of cackling noises. I couldn't resist the contrast of the almost regal looking chicken in the doorway.

Fishing Spot: “I love to fish and be out surrounded by nature. This fisherman in this spot reminds me of one of my favorite fishing spots.”

Campfire: “Camping is one of my favorite things and some of my best memories involved raising my kids with our popup camper. Sitting around a campfire is so hypnotizing and relaxing. I tried to recreate that feel in this one.”

For more information about Powell, visit

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Debbie Bzdyl
Debbie Bzdyl
Jun 22, 2021

Karen’s artwork is beautiful. I really enjoyed seeing her show at the Gateway Arts Center.


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