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Makerspace Offers Resources for Artists

A year ago, the Anderson County Library opened the Electric City Creative Makerspace (ECC) on the second floor of the main library. Open to all library visitors ages 12 and up, this is an exciting new resource for crafters and artists.

Overseeing this space is librarian and new Anderson Artists Guild member Sara Leady, and she wants people to know about it. One of the ECC’s key advantages is that it lets people try out expensive equipment before investing in it, she said. Among the equipment available for use in the Makerspace are a large format printer, large flatbed scanner, heat press, heat gun, glue gun, Cricut Maker 3, paper cutter, mug press, Pooli printer (which allows printing from your phone), laminating machine, sewing machine, calligraphy pens, embossing tools, and paper punches. There is also software such as Photoshop. Among the supplies available are watercolor and acrylic paint and brushes, gesso, ink pads and stamps, washi tape, vinyl, earring hooks, fabric, sequins, cardstock, magazines, yarn, embossing and quilling tools and paper, and looms.

Free classes are offered, too. They have included art journaling, sewing, cartoon drawing, self-publishing, and book-folding sculptures.

Most things in the Makerspace are free though there are some charges to recover costs, such as a charge of $1.75 per square foot for the large format printer.

Donations of equipment and supplies are welcome.

The ECC is open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 1-7:30 p.m. and on Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. There are three full-time and one part-time staff member. For more information, visit


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