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Members Share Their Greatest Artistic Accomplishments of 2022

Sue West

Last year you challenged us to set a goal for the year. Mine was to break out my new plein air painting supplies and venture out into nature. I was contacted by Yvonne Park, who had the same goal. The Tri County Plein Air group was formed. Thanks for the nudge!

Sherron Fergason

My greatest accomplishments for 2022 would be the Third Place Award for the Blowing Rock Plein Air Event. Joining the Tri-County Plein Air group. Also, the Purchase Award from Belton Arts Center, all of the sales at AAC, Soirée 2022 and the Madhatters in Colombia.

Mary McAlister

My greatest accomplishment in 2022 is the publication of the children's book Buttons and Zippers. I never dreamed I'd illustrate such a book. I may have started a new career!

Melody Davis

My greatest accomplishment has been hosting Tribble Center Adult clients with varying exceptionalities from Down Syndrome, physical impairments to all levels of autism to our facility and being able to offer them an open, accepting environment with unlimited materials to create art on their own terms. It has been an honor to have these amazing individuals here year after year.

Kathe Harris

I sold a plein air painting in March. 2022 is the first year I completed more than 5 plein air paintings and began 5 more on which I’ve worked in rotation. And I joined the Anderson Artists Guild.

Debbie Bzdyl

I guess my biggest accomplishment this year is getting into the Venvi Gallery in Tallahassee, FL. But I am also pretty excited about recently being the featured artist in the December 2022 issue of atHome Magazine.

Evelyn Beck

The fiber arts group I’m part of was invited to have six exhibits regionally this year. I also completed my project on our state’s bridges with the Emerging Artist Grant from the South Carolina Arts Commission.

Brenda McLean

My best accomplishment for 2022 has been overcoming reluctance to try new things. I freed myself from some burdensome volunteer duties in favor of new experiences. I attended plein air retreats and affiliated with some new artist groups. I now have more time to create, new connections to inspiring artists, and renewed enthusiasm.

Carolyn Gibson

I began a series on the Norwegian fjords. Most people do genealogy through I decided to do it visually. I just completed Norge Fjord #4. I intend to continue the series into next year and show them in exhibitions.

Yvonne Park

I started the “Tri-County Plein Air Painters” with members from Anderson, Oconee and Pickens counties. Artists in the group are Yvonne Park, Sue West, Sherron Fergason, Donna O’Hara, Brenda McClean, Diana Gilham, Lori Solymosi, Jill Rees, Teresa Anderson, and Karen Powell. We try to paint every other week at various locations in the area.

Teresa Anderson

I was fortunate this year to be accepted into the Tri-County Plein Air Painters. I’ve enjoyed sketching and painting outdoors since 2019. For me, being able to paint outdoors is heaven! Also, I had my first solo shows.

Kate Salley Palmer

My greatest artistic accomplishment this year was to start painting! Since I began painting canvases in January 2022, I have painted almost 70 pieces, ranging from 6” x 6” to 36” x 36.” I started in acrylics but now I work in oils. I’m so happy to have discovered this wonderful activity!


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