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Nathan DePue Appreciates History

New Anderson Artists Guild member Nathan DePue is a young man, but he has an old soul. Nothing expresses that more than his collection of over 100 antique cameras dating as far back as 1907. “A lot of them are simple and purely mechanical,” he said. “I like seeing the type of detail and personality that the camera has through its lens. When I show people the pictures each camera takes, they’re amazed at what it produces over 110 years later.”

He's planning to display the cameras once he and his wife move out of their current lodging—a camper—and into the house they are building in Belton.

DePue grew up in Michigan but moved to South Carolina at age 11 for his dad to finish a master’s degree in music education at Bob Jones University. He later moved to Pennsylvania for five years to care for his wife’s grandparents but recently moved back.

His career so far has been at Caterpillar, where he started in the warehouse and worked his way up to management in logistics planning and quality. He did a lot of traveling across the U.S. and Belgium.

While he’s job hunting after his most recent move, he has been focusing on photography. In the past, he’s done some promotional work for North Greenville University and for local realtors. But his favorite subject matter is nature, historic sites, and jeeps. He also likes attending air shows. With an airplane, he said, “If it’s on the ground, I try to capture that it’s ready for adventure. If it’s in the air, I try to capture that sense of flying.” He might take a long shot that shows the plane and its arc in the sky, for instance.

When he’s not trying out one of his very old cameras, he shoots with a Nikon Z72.

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Debbie Bzdyl
Debbie Bzdyl
Mar 14, 2023

Welcome, Nathan. Your photography is fabulous!

Mar 17, 2023
Replying to

Thank you!!


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