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Publications Offer Additional Outlets for Artwork

Some members of the Anderson Artists Guild have had their artwork published. Here are examples shared by a few members:

Diann Simms: “My painting (owned by art patron Richard Shirley) was used for t-shirts, posters and outdoor ads for the tenth year of the Anderson Soiree.”

Mary Anne Porter; “I was approached by someone who knew my artwork and asked if they could use an Afghan Hound puppy that I had painted. I agreed. . . . (I was asked to paint a large sign for a pumpkin stand, also. . . [and] a sign that I etched on glass for a barbershop. . . . [And] I painted a large train that was mounted on the side of a large truck that carried a Christmas tree from the town I lived in to Portland Oregon, for the city’s Christmas tree.) I’ve never solicited work. It’s always just come to me.”

Evelyn Beck: “These were two contests I entered and won. The first was for my fiber piece Coneflowers, based on a photo I took of a cousin’s garden. It was used for the cover and all promotional materials for the Greater Greenville Master Gardeners annual symposium in 2020. The other fiber piece, The Rapids, is based on a photo from a family rafting trip. It will appear on the cover of the 2022 calendar produced by The Multifaith Action Society of British Columbia.”

Hahmed Mahmoodi’s painting Atlantic Sun was chosen as the cover art for the North Charleston Arts Fest in 2018. It also appeared on all promotional materials and merchandise and is now part of the City of North Charleston’s Public Art Collection and is displayed in North Charleston City Hall. The painting, made with acrylic and lacquer on aqua tint and pastel chalk, was inspired by the swirl. “Throughout my more recent years, I have discovered the swirl that permeates energy and the way all objects come to be from beginning to end,” said Mahmoodi. “I then translate this swirl of mixed colors to come together to create an image which, at the time, can be hidden or be part of the overall harmony.”

Information about some of these and other publishing opportunities can be found at


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