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Sarah Kern Paints with Emotion

New Anderson Artists Guild (AAG) member Sarah Kern has a bachelor of fine arts degree in painting from Birmingham-Southern College in Alabama. Her thesis was on watercolor and water-based media. She graduated a year ago, at the tail end of the COVID pandemic.

During that time, she displayed her work in a booth at Westside Market in Atlanta, and today she works full time for a new Westside Market that opened in Greenville. Her job, which she categorizes as “interior designish,” involves curating art crawls, painting a mural on the building, sales, and vendor assistance.


She likes the work, but her long-term goal is to own an art gallery, and in fact she’s already close to opening a coffeeshop/gallery with her significant other, a photographer who is related to AAG member Carrie Gibson.


Kern paints with watercolor in a style she calls abstract expressionism. “A lot of my pieces have to do with the way my brain works,” she said. “I paint with my emotions. When I’m having an emotional day, that’s when a piece that I love comes out.”


She works on a lot of scales. Her largest piece is 9 feet tall by 44 ½ inches wide. Her smallest measures only 3 by 4 inches.


Her work is currently in galleries in Greenville and Fountain Inn.


For more information about Kern, visit



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