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Shadow Blaze Is All About Entertainment

New Anderson Artists Guild member Shadow Blaze used to be camera shy. But not anymore. 

She is working hard to break into the entertainment industry through her company, Shadow Blaze Music. She’s got a website; is on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube; and airs one to two episodes per week of her podcast, Shadow’s Lair Live. The topics range from art to one of her passions, Anderson County PAWS. She has interviewed artists of all types, including musicians Lisa Marie Nicole and Tracy Bickford and writer Ace Antonio Hall. An alternative twist radio station in California that represents clients often sends them to Blaze to be interviewed.


Blaze is also an artist herself, working in a pour-paint abstract style. She came to it after seeing some videos and then developing her own technique. She works not only in acrylics but also house paint. “It’s whatever I’m feeling,” she said.


All her life, Blaze has been told that some things are off limits because she has only one eye, almost no depth perception, and chronic pain. But she simply developed her own way of doing things and carried on.


Her goals are to increase the audience for her podcast and to share her art, maybe even to sell it someday.


For more information about Blaze, visit


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