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Teresa Anderson Seeks to Capture the Natural World’s Beauty

Through multiple moves following her father’s job, new Anderson Artists Guild member Teresa Anderson always kept a paper and pencil close by. “Being able to draw was a way to express myself,” she said.

She earned a degree in ceramics and pottery at Western Carolina University as well as a teaching certification but never used it since the traveling continued for her late husband’s job. However, she did work as a substitute teacher. She also later worked in data research in the days of DOS computer language, as well as at art galleries in Georgia and Wyoming.

She retired early in 2017 and moved to Anderson to be close to family. She started painting with watercolor about three years ago. “I love the fluidity of the medium,” she said.

She often paints outdoors, where the challenge, she said, is “being able to edit or eliminate things. There’s so much out there. You look at a field and can’t paint every flower or blade of grass." She is part of the Tricounty Plein Air Group. Her goal, she said, is to “try to capture the beauty of this Earth that we live on.”


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