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Virtual Gallery Explores the Intersection of Racial Injustice and the Pandemic

The Greenville Center for Creative Arts (GCCA) is hosting an online exhibit called Art Has a Voice. The exhibit opened on Sept. 4 and will run through Oct. 23.

The purpose of the exhibit, according to GCCA, is to express feelings about “the current discourse in our country and beyond. We know that Art Has a Voice to express feelings, share perspectives, and build bridges to understanding. Through the artwork selected for this online exhibition, the intent is to create a platform to amplify artists inspired by the intersection of racial injustice and the pandemic that is at the forefront of our collective consciousness in 2020.”

The exhibit features the work of 62 artists, including two Anderson Artists Guild members. Carolyn Gibson’s photograph, Covid Seascape, is pictured above left. “I created this seascape with masks double exposed over a photo I took at Myrtle Beach,” she said. “I wanted to express the ease with which this virus spreads. It is flying off into the sun and crossing oceans. It's global.”

Evelyn Beck’s fiber piece, One Bridge, Many Colors, is pictured above right. “This piece is based on a photograph I took of a bridge in Louisville, Kentucky during the evening,” she said. “As I manipulated the picture in Photoshop to create a more abstract pattern, the colors from the reflected lights multiplied, and a metaphor emerged.”


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