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14 AAG Members in BRAC Show

Fourteen Anderson Artists Guild members are among the artists whose work is currently on display in the “New Beginnings” show at the Blue Ridge Arts Center (BRAC) in Seneca. The show opened on May 15 and will run through June 26.

The AAG members in the show are Debbie Bzdyl, Diane DeMont, Marion Fanning, Carolyn Gibson, Julie Lamp, Hamed Mahmoodi, Mary Cooper McDonough, Brenda McLean, Donna O’Hara, Yvonne Park, Karen Powell, Lori Solymosi, Beverly Walker, and Diana Walter.

Brenda McLean’s pastel piece Daybreak on Old River Road (pictured above) won an honorable mention award. “I have been experimenting with different substrates for my soft pastels and working towards ‘saying more with less,’" she said. “The somber effect of this painting owes its moodiness to a limited earthy palette applied over black mat board. The lack of detail lends to its mystery. I like to think of it as the uncertainty before a new day, specifically, the dawning of a new approach to my painting. I intended a more colorful painting, but the painting almost painted itself, and it wanted to be quieter.”

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