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5 AAG Members in SCWS Spring Digital Show

Five Anderson Artists Guild members were among those with works selected for the South Carolina Watermedia Society’s Spring Digital Show: Teresa Anderson, Al Morris, Wesa Neely, Dale Cohran, and Alan Smith. The juror was Alexis Lavine. All pieces in the show are online at


Below, members reflect on one of their pieces in the show (some had two pieces accepted):


Teresa Anderson’s Boats Docked at Sunset

“Wandering down the pier at Edisto marina as the sun was setting. The peace and quiet settled in along with the soft colors of the day’s end. I wanted to capture the peaceful feeling and soft colors of a day well lived.” 


Al Morris’ 260 King George

“The painting is of a flower shop located on King George Street in the older section of Annapolis, Maryland, near the Naval Academy. I lived near Annapolis and visited the area often. Over the years I have painted this little flower shop several times as it was quite popular. The shop still exists today, but unfortunately the flower shop closed during 2020 and never reopened.”


Wesa Neely’s Pumpkinseed

“This year I entered a diptych into the SCWM online show. It was done with acrylics which is not my usual medium. I have always been interested in textured art, so I thought I would use a simple patterned type piece to explore using different textural techniques. I used stencils, several layers of paint, and stamping to create this work. Underneath the layers I painted swirling goldfish to help give motion. The stamped circles represent bubbles. The pumpkinseed is a type of freshwater fish found in South Carolina. I was fascinated by the markings and colors!”


Dale Cochran’s Apple Day

“Each fall, we coordinate our family calendars for a tradition we call Apple Day—a day spent with family traveling to a u-pick apple orchard to pick apples, eat apple doughnuts, and drink apple cider. This year, I decided to do a painting using some of the apples from our day. I spread them on a table next to my grandparents' well-water bucket, which evokes fond childhood memories. It's important to take time to create special memories together.”


Alan Smith’s Shackelton’s Farm

“My piece was me trying to draw a ‘crow’s beak’ roof on a barn which I still feel I have difficulty drawing.  The composition of the painting continues to be the thing that I struggle with, and I worked particularly long on this one.  I strive to have a defined value pattern.  I tried to make sure that the value pattern followed the value sketch I did to define the composition.  It was a large white with a small dark pattern.  The challenges are to keep to the pattern and not too much of one thing and too little of the other.  I also tried to have a small repeat of the pattern at an oblique angle to the center of interest with the house on the hill.  The culmination turned out to work well enough to make it into the show.”


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