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Jane List: Art Teacher Turned Artist

As a first-grader, Jane List knew she wanted to teach, lining up her dolls and stuffed animals for instruction. She also loved art, but she never encountered an art teacher until junior high. “That’s the first time I realized I could be a teacher and teach art, and that was my goal from then on,” she said. She majored in art education at Montclair State Teachers College in New Jersey, where she’d grown up. When she and her family moved to Tampa, Florida, for her husband’s job, there were no opportunities for elementary school art teachers, so List went to work at arts and craft shops, teaching drawing classes in the evenings and occasionally teaching art classes at private schools. After ano

Koreen Sweet’s Journey Brings Her to Anderson

Koreen Sweet is not an artist herself but joined the Anderson Artists Guild to support her daughter, member Michelle Phillips, who is an artist, and because she enjoys being connected to a group of artists. Sweet’s life has been a true journey. She grew up in Rochester, New York, but at one point in her young adulthood found herself living as a single mom in Massachusetts. That’s where she joined a radical Christian group. “They believed we were living in the end times and needed to be prepared to be the bride of Christ,” she said. She followed the members to Juneau, Alaska, where she lived in a co-op with other families. It was a mostly a good experience, she said, but she left after three

Marketing with Instagram

Using Instagram as a marketing tool was the subject of member Jamie Hansen’s presentation at the Feb. 10 meeting of the Anderson Artists Guild. Instagram is a social media platform with over 400 million monthly active members that relies primarily on images. It’s a place where you can post photographs not only of your artwork but of you creating that artwork or of what inspired particular pieces or of your tools or even of mistakes you made or challenges you’re working through. To get started, download the free Instagram app and create a personal account (not a business account since Hansen said the platform favors personal accounts). As a goal, plan to post once or twice each week. You need

Rebecca Carruth: The Art of the Pour

As soon as her youngest child graduated from high school, Rebecca Lawson Carruth enrolled in a painting class at the Anderson Arts Center. “I jumped in with everybody who’d been doing it a long time,” she said. “I still get teased about that first painting. It was pretty bad. But it made me determined to improve.” Carruth had experimented a bit with oil painting as a teenager but lacked the tools to pursue it. Besides, she became busy raising a family and working a variety of jobs including sewing at a manufacturing plant; serving as a church administrative assistant; and perhaps her favorite experience, buying art and antiques at auctions and then reselling them on eBay. But once she had th

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