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Michael England Paints from Memory

New Anderson Artists Guild member Mike England remembers sitting around his grandmother’s kitchen table with cousins and siblings, all of them coloring. What was fun to the others was serious to England. “I would go back and correct theirs and shade it in to make it look the best I could,” he said. A native of Birmingham, Alabama, England moved with his family to Florida and then to a little town outside the Atlanta airport in 1963, following his dad’s job transfers with an airline. After high school, England joined the Navy. After his tour was up, he completed a degree in visual arts at Georgia State University by attending night classes. During the day, he worked as a civil engineer, event

Catherine Cutting Uses Art to Spread Joy

Catherine Cutting, a new member of the Anderson Artists Guild, is riding out the pandemic in her craft room. “I enjoy it; it really relaxes me,” she said. Though she joined in order to take classes and learn from other artists, she is patiently waiting for those opportunities to reappear. Born in New Jersey, Catherine moved to Anderson 33 years ago from Sarasota, Florida, in search of a less crowded environment with more trees and hills and a change of scenery—not to mention a lower cost of living. Currently between jobs, she has had a long career as a secretary, a perfect profession for someone as organized as she is. “Every drawer, every closet in my house is perfect,” she admits. She taug

Maureen Gibson: Dancer as Art

New Anderson Artists Guild member Maureen Gibson is a former professional ballet dancer and dance educator who moved to Anderson in January with her husband. A Pennsylvania native, Maureen began ballet lessons at age seven with the Wilkes-Barre Ballet Company under Jozia Mieszkowski and Barbara Weisberger. She has many wonderful memories growing up in dance, but one performance dressed as a “yellow sunbeam” in spray painted shoes that crunched when she danced was not her vision of being a ballerina! Regardless, she loved to dance. “I liked the musicality, the ability to be someone else,” she said. “You are the art as a dancer, the canvas for the choreographer. Your responsibility is to expre

Linda Gordon Traded the Loop for the Electric City

Linda Gordon majored in elementary education at Illinois State University, influenced by the limited options at the time. “In the 1960s, women could be a nurse or teacher or secretary,” she said. But she wasn’t comfortable when she did her student teaching, so she chose a different path. She grew up in Chicago and spent her whole working life there downtown in the Loop. She started out doing inventory control for a company that manufactured children’s sportswear but left after a fire in its Tampa factory caused the business to fold. She then worked in retail for a Target-like company called Venture, first as a shortage control auditor before moving into the jewelry department, which she mana

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