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Catherine Cutting Uses Art to Spread Joy

Catherine Cutting, a new member of the Anderson Artists Guild, is riding out the pandemic in her craft room. “I enjoy it; it really relaxes me,” she said. Though she joined in order to take classes and learn from other artists, she is patiently waiting for those opportunities to reappear.

Born in New Jersey, Catherine moved to Anderson 33 years ago from Sarasota, Florida, in search of a less crowded environment with more trees and hills and a change of scenery—not to mention a lower cost of living. Currently between jobs, she has had a long career as a secretary, a perfect profession for someone as organized as she is. “Every drawer, every closet in my house is perfect,” she admits.

She taught herself to draw from simple online instructional programs and works primarily in pen and ink and watercolor. “I love colors that are bright,” she said. “And I’m very prissy. I do a lot of flowers.”

Her main project is charitable. She has made a series of 20 different greeting cards which are included in gift baskets she makes and distributes through her church. “It’s for people who need a pick-me-up,” she said.

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