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46 Members in Anderson Arts Center’s Juried Show

The Anderson Arts Center’s 2023 Juried Show opened on March 31 and will run through May 18. The juror was John Harkins.

Forty-six Anderson Artists Guild members each had one or more pieces in the show. An additional six members were represented in Art on the Town, in which artworks are on exhibit in area businesses. Fourteen members won awards.

Ginny Gillen won the $1000 Callie Stringer Rainey Award for Garden Watcher (clay).

Purchase awards of $1000 went to Diann Simms, City Glass (watercolor/ink), and Stan O’Bannon, Seldom Seen (watercolor dry brush).

Purchase awards of $500 went to Teresa Anderson, The Shepherd’s Trail (watercolor), and Polly Richardson, Green Pond (watercolor).

John Urban won three purchase awards: $1000 for Morris Island Buffleheads and $500 each for Appalachian Solitude and Serenity (all oil).

A $250 merit award went to Shea Abramo, Gypsy (acrylic).

$100 merit awards were presented to Chet Lawson, Ebb Tide (oil), Hamed Mahmoodi, Glass Veil (mixed media), Kathy Moore, At a Crossroad (acrylic), Kate Salley Palmer, Terraces on the Douro River (oil), Ray Richards, Dead Boat (photography), Alan Smith, Old Victorian (transparent watercolor), and Jan Sparks, Be My Guest (mixed media).

Other members in the show are Nancy Anna, Peggy Arnett, Evelyn Beck, Larry Bennett, Matthew Brophy, Rebecca Lawson Carruth, Dale Cochran, George Crown, Diane DeMont, Nathan DePue, Sherron Fergason, Jane Friedman, Myrl Garment, Carolyn Gibson, Kathe Harris, Craig Johnson, Julie Lamp, Den Latham, Mary McAlister, Brenda McLean, Beckey Miller, Al Morris, Wesa Neely, Kathy Ogden, Donna O’Hara, Yvonne Park, Karen Powell, Lou Rainey, Lori Solymosi, Diana Walter, Leslie Wentzell, and David Wentzell.

Members selected for Art on the Town are Evelyn Beck, Debbie Bzdyl, Myrl Garment, Andrea Harper, Vicki Mountz, and Diann Simms.

Here are reflections by some of the award winners on their pieces.

$1000 Callie Stringer Rainey Award: Ginny Gillen, Garden Watcher (clay)

“My work is about the layering of the past, present, future, and our connection to nature. Working on the garden sculptures has been an ongoing project. They change with the seasons and the surroundings. This work is coil built using molds I have made of faces, flowers and stamps for texture. When working in my studio I make a lot of coils, building up my form and connecting as I go up, knowing when to stop so I do not lose the form. Coils allow you to move in and out to give movement. It is about pushing the clay to do what you want, letting it come to life.”

$1000 Purchase Award: Stan O’Bannon, Seldom Seen (watercolor dry brush)

“Old buildings and trees intrigue me, things that people don’t notice. I painted the fog first, then came forward with the distant color. I tried to capture the quietness in early morning on an old dirt road. Not many travel it.”

$1000 Purchase Award: Diann Simms, City Glass (watercolor/ink)

“I believe if you are fortunate enough to be a ‘visual’ person and allow yourself the time to look at shapes and their relationships, you will get hooked on producing your own version of what you see. A bit of bravery helps as well, especially once you decide to let others see your vision. I am very privileged to have been commissioned to do watercolors for various people who found my work attracted them. I particularly enjoy architectural landscapes and finding little nooks and crannies of interest. That is what led me to paint City Glass. I love to paint brick and was fascinated by the construction, beams, and doors at City Glass in Anderson. I photographed several angles and views and decided to paint the one that is in the show. We are indeed fortunate to have those who appreciate artistic expression in Anderson and are willing to make monetary commitments. All artists appreciate that kind of acknowledgement!”

$500 Purchase Award: John Urban, Serenity (oil)

“This painting transpired from a trip to Charleston for Thanksgiving last year. It was very rainy and somber weather the entire time I was there. I took what reference I could get in the rain and went for it. I’ve been trying to challenge myself to paint subjects and styles that I haven’t tried before. Tonalism style has always intrigued me, so this was the perfect subject to try it out. The challenge for me was to paint atmospheric perspective with such muted colors. The biggest thing I learned from this painting was how much you can achieve with a very close value range and low chroma.”

$500 Purchase Award: Polly Richardson, Green Pond (watercolor)

“I started this painting on location at Brookgreen Gardens near Pawleys Island.”

$500 Purchase Award: Teresa Anderson, The Shepherd’s Trail (watercolor)

“On my visit to eastern Sicily, we heard the bells of sheep moving along the trail beside our house. We walked down the road where the shepherd was moving his flock. I immediately sketched the scene then completed the painting stateside. Several mornings we heard the bells and ventured out to see the sheep!”

Read reflections from the merit award winners in next week’s blog.


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