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Local Subjects Abound for Artistic Inspiration

Some Anderson Artists Guild members shared their favorite local subjects for artwork:

Wesa Neely, AnMed pond in Anderson

“I am thankful for the beauty of our earth and look for it everywhere. There is so much to appreciate where we live if we just look!” 


Patti Benjamin, Anderson’s “Alphabet Streets” area

“I love to photograph my own neighborhood. I live in Chateau Woods and my house is within walking distance of the lake. It is beautiful here any season of the year.  Since I always have a camera in my hand, I can stop and capture what I see. I also like to photograph the “dodgier” bits of Anderson. There is just something about a run-down building or area that is fascinating when captured through a camera lens. Down where the old falling-down mill is, there are streets that are all alphabet letters. This photo was taken there.”


Sue West, Chattooga Belle Farm, Long Creek, SC

“There is a breathtaking view of the mountains, and you can have a delicious lunch at the Belle's Bistro Wednesday-Sunday or pick your own fruit from the orchard!”


Evelyn Beck, Campbell’s Covered Bridge, Landrum, SC

“This is the last remaining covered bridge in South Carolina. It’s located in northeastern Greenville County. There’s plenty of room to get various angles of the bridge, which is quaint and picturesque.”


Teresa Anderson, Lake Hartwell

“I can’t think of a single place I’ve been along the shore that disappoints. The atmosphere and seasons and lake change constantly. It’s always a challenge! This watercolor is an early morning sketch.”


Carrie Gibson, Sullivan’s Hardware in downtown Anderson

“I'm probably like most people, as I find older places to be more interesting. I especially am fascinated with older places that have been repurposed and keep elements of what used to be there. Sullivan's Hardware, which is now the Metropolitan Grill, is one of them. Every time I go there, I find myself looking up at the columns. I recently took a photograph there that I enjoyed working with and will probably use in an upcoming exhibition.” 


Chet Lawson, Tanglewood Mansion, Pendleton, SC

“One of my favorite inspiration places near Anderson is Tanglewood Mansion. The mansion is located adjacent to the Pendleton Branch Library. Tanglewood, originally constructed in the early 1800’s, has burned twice in its time, and the ruins from the last fire in the 1970’s remain. I find the original four front columns and their bases quite exquisite. They are constructed of brick masonry and plaster finish in the Doric order. I am finally getting around to starting this project. I plan to do a few drawings, at least two or three watercolors and one oil painting all inspired by Tanglewood.’


Terri McCord, downtown Seneca, SC

"My locations for creating (because I paint, draw, write, photograph, create digital pieces) really have a lot to do with where I find myself. While this does not seem very definitive, it does open up many choices. Because I try to be creative every day, I frequently do not have the option necessarily for travel, so I will focus on interiors, and, often, what would seem to be mundane. This is actually wonderful because it creates a great challenge in the art of ‘seeing’ and observing the changes brought about by environment such as light. I also practice observing an object from a multitude of perspectives so that I create almost endless compositions. So, in a way, I would answer ‘wherever’ because it all can be rich. More specifically, when I do travel or go out to discover new scenes, I love to come across spaces that seem especially ripe for reinterpretation, places that seem especially ‘layered.’ Or I look for light play, one of my favorites, but, again, light can make anything beautiful. This piece shows downtown Seneca.”


Alice Franzella, Crayton Hall garden in Anderson

“I live in Crayton Hall, and we have a garden that was started by Tom Bates, Sandi‘s husband. He put a lot of care and love to create this garden for our development, and he did a beautiful job, and I decided to do a painting of it.”


Andrea Williams, Table Rock

“My family and I love to go hiking at Table Rock. It’s so gorgeous there during the fall and spring—very inspiring to paint it! I don't, however, have anything to share visually; I only just started taking photos of my work this year.”


Myrl Garment, Clemson University Botanical Garden

“It’s beautiful any time of the year. We usually visit every spring and have counted 23 different types and colors of camellias. Fall is beautiful too with all the colors of the different trees. The outdoor pavilion by the lake makes a great place for lake pictures too. Due to computer problems, I don’t have any photos.”


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