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Artist Profile: Myrl Garment

Myrl Garment is a chameleon. Whether it’s work, art, or geography, she is ever willing to change and adapt. As the daughters of a Navy officer, Myrl and her twin sister were living with their mom in Honolulu when Japanese forces attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. But because both three-year-olds had chicken pox at the time, they and their mother could not evacuate until four months later. That was one of many moves that included stays in California, West Virginia, Virginia, Nebraska, and even a fjord in Newfoundland, Canada. “I felt like a chameleon,” said Myrl. “My sister and I checked out what people were wearing on the first day of school and then bought school clothes.” She also

Paintings by Three AAG Members on Display in Greenville

Paintings by three former presidents of the Anderson Artists Guild are part of an exhibit at the Greenville Center for the Arts. “Making Our Mark: The Artists of Studio South” opened February 2 and runs through March 28. It features work by 17 artists who are part of a group called Studio South, which includes AAG members Ann Heard, Ruth Hopkins, and Rosemary Moore, who have all served as guild presidents. Studio South got its start over two decades ago when the 17 women were part of a class taught by painter Carrie Burns Brown at the Greenville Museum of Art. They formed this group in order to show their work and have exhibited often over the years, including at the Anderson Arts Center. An

Draw What You See, Not What You Know, Says Russell Jewell

Watercolorist Russell Jewell shared some tips for drawing and painting at the Anderson Artists Guild meeting last night (Feb. 12). First, he insisted that “if you can trace, you can draw.” The problem many people have is not drawing but seeing. “Seeing is a learned skill,” he said, likening it to a magic trick that is magical only when you don’t know how it was accomplished. He also noted three stages of learning to draw: scribble, symbolic, preadolescent. Because so few people take art classes, most never progress beyond the preadolescent stage. That is, we draw what we know rather than what we actually see. Jewell demonstrated this by asking the audience members to draw a shoe; most drew i

Watercolorist Russell Jewell to Speak at Next AAG Meeting

What might terrify some artists inspires Russell Jewell, a watercolor painter who will speak at the next Anderson Artists Guild meeting on Monday, Feb. 12, at 6:30 p.m. at the Anderson Arts Center. Jewell relishes the experience of plein air painting competitions, in which painters work outside and complete a piece in as little as two hours. “I love the idea of going out and coming in with a finished piece,” he said. “Every plein air has a quick draw in which they blow a horn after two hours and then the work is on the easel for sale.” He won the $1000 Tilghman Island Artists' Choice Award last year in Maryland, where he painted 13 pieces and sold 10, and will be competing this April at the

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