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Member Profile: Susan Anderson

For better and for worse, timing has played a major role in Susan Anderson’s life. A competitive athlete who played field hockey, tennis and golf as a kid in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, she dreamed of becoming a physical education teacher and a coach. After completing a degree in PE and social studies at the University of Michigan, where she also played field hockey, she moved to Chicago but couldn’t find a teaching job because the public schools had just eliminated athletics along with art and music. So she became a banker. After spending some time in personnel and operations, she went through a grueling 18-month program to become a banking officer in trade finance and then switched to selling

Finding the Perfect Title

Most artists struggle with finding titles for their completed pieces. While sometimes the title arrives with the idea for the piece, more often the perfect name for a finished work of art is challenging to discover. The usual advice is to use the title to direct the viewer to the most important element in the artwork or the underlying meaning you wish to convey. This title should also be fairly short, catchy, and original. And it shouldn’t be too obvious—there should be room left in for the viewer to add meaning. All of this is more easily said than done. But here is the thought process behind some pieces from members of the Anderson Artists Guild and some reflections on their word choices.

Creating a website with Wix

As a follow-up to last night's meeting about creating an artist's website, here is a short video (it actually ends at 8:30 even though it says 15 minutes) showing some basic steps in creating a website with Wix (one of many options available such as WordPress): If you'd like help with your site, feel free to contact Evelyn Beck at 864-221-3814 or

Meeting Preview: Creating an Artist’s Website

The next meeting of the Anderson Artists Guild will be on Monday, Aug. 13, at 6:30 p.m. at the Anderson Arts Center. The speakers will be members Evelyn Beck and Jamie Hansen, who will show you how to create your own artist's website. If you already have your own website, please attend to share your experience. And please bring your laptop or tablet to the meeting if you have one since there will be time to create a free website at the meeting. (If you have pictures of some of your artwork, bring them on a flash drive or saved on your laptop so you can put them on your website.) Hansen and Beck will discuss why you might want an online presence for your art and what a website can do for you,

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