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Lauren Pittman Merges Art and Faith

Anderson Artists Guild new member Lauren Wright Pittman has staked out a very unusual path in her journey to merge art and faith. She initially followed her mom’s path into graphic design with a degree in media design from Middle Tennessee State University and then 10 years at a design firm in Michigan. But she felt pulled toward the Presbyterian Church, getting involved with a young adult volunteer program and spending a year in discernment about her next step toward a vocation. “I was interested in graphic design but also in incorporating it into ministry somehow,” she said. The volunteer program took her to New Orleans, where she brought some of her acrylic and ink artwork—inspired by the

Unwinding with Art

To unwind from her high-stress job as a critical care nurse, new Anderson Artists Guild member Michelle Fowler turned to art, trying just about every medium. She even spent three week-long vacations traveling from her home in Atlanta to a training center in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, to become a Bob Ross instructor, sharing her new skills with friends and family. She also took commissions for pet portraits from her hospital colleagues. Though her love of painting has only grown, her life changed dramatically last year after she retired. She and her high school sweetheart—whom she had not seen in 48 years—had reconnected via social media. At the time, she was divorced and he was widowed. “He

Armi Tuorila Finds a Community Through Art

When Armi Tuorila moved to America from Finland in 1983, she was lonely. “I felt so isolated,” she said. “I didn’t speak English, so it was very hard in the beginning.” Anderson, South Carolina, where her first husband had gotten a job as a pilot, was very different from home, where the winters were long and the summers were short. What brought Armi out of her shell was art. She began taking painting lessons at the Anderson Arts Center and joined the Anderson Artists Guild, which she served as an officer for over 18 years. “I enjoyed making friends with artists,” she said. “They accepted me.” She also discovered a talent she didn’t know she had, experimenting with oil, watercolor, pastel, dr

What's Your Favorite Art Tool or Supply?

Anderson Artists Guild members responded to this question: What is your favorite art tool or supply? Cathey Sale Gillott 303 nib is good for creating pointed pen scripts in calligraphy because it makes good hairlines and swells. Barbara Ervin I use a brayer for rolling ink onto surfaces. It gets the job done. . . smoothly. Mary Anne Porter I love my glass art table and I love my blueprint drawers to keep my paper and unframed work in. But one of my favorite tools is my Logan point driver. I do my framing myself and have had a hard time with little nails or staples, trying to keep everything in the frame. I do mostly watercolors, pastels and colored pencils so I frame pictures under glass. I

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