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Artists Work Together at Bay3 Gallery

Bay3, a cooperative gallery of local artists, is located on the first floor of the Anderson Arts Center warehouse. Bay3 Artisan Gallery evolved from an artists’ critique group called Creative Connections that had been meeting in various locations. Then in 1997 the group was offered meeting space at the Sullivan Shoppes in downtown Anderson. Part of the building was being used for an Arts Center annex due to space restrictions at the Carnegie Building. The original ten members included Anderson Artists Guild members John Davis, Ann Heard, Ruth Hopkins, Rosemary Moore, Diann Simms, and Armi Tuorila.

Two years later, after the Sullivan Shoppes building was sold, Creative Connections changed its name to Gallery Ten and merged with Pottery Too!, a pottery shop operated by the Anderson Arts Center already located in the same building. Gallery Ten and Pottery Too! was run as a cooperative with the artists working a schedule.

When the new Arts Center building was completed in 2006, the cooperative moved again and became Bay3 Artisan Gallery. Besides providing an outlet for local art, the gallery remains as a part of the mission of the Anderson Arts Center: to display and sell art, to educate the public, and to be a part of the facility that is open on a regular basis.

The benefits for artists are exposure, community, and inspiration. Marion Carroll, a co-op member since 2007, said, “I enjoy the opportunity to interact with others as an artist, to meet young artists-in-the-making during Art Camp, and to exhibit my photos on a regular basis. Being part of Bay3 provides me with an impetus to keep on creating. Having gallery space encourages me to fill it.”

Heidi Wolko, who joined three years ago, finds a mix of benefits, including “the occasional critique from artists and visitors, having an outlet for my work, and the opportunity to meet new people during my work hours at the gallery. I am always trying to come up with some new ideas for my work, and the creative atmosphere at the gallery helps to start my brain spinning.”

Diana Gilham, who joined earlier this year, said, “It is a great opportunity to display your art and be part of a working gallery. You get to interact with folks that are interested in art and sometimes sell a partner’s piece or your own. Also, it is a great motivator to keep painting. I have sold five pieces of artwork since joining in January.”

Member responsibilities include paying a yearly fee of $100 and working one or two days per month in the gallery. The Arts Center takes a 35% commission on all sales.

Current members of Bay3 include AAG members Evelyn Beck, Marion Harvey Carroll, Rebecca Lawson Carruth, Jane Friedman, Diana Gilham, Linda Greener, Ann Heard, Ruth Hopkins, Kathy Ogden, Diann Simms, and Heidi Wolko.

The gallery is open Tuesday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. and on Saturday from 10:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. The gallery telephone number is 864.716.3838.

For information about applying to become a member of Bay3, contact Diann Simms at “We are always interested in finding new partners and in the work other artists are producing,” she said. “Since our space is very limited, we have to be careful about the number and 'kinds' of artist we include. The process to join not only requires space for the artist to be able to display properly but also other considerations. We're always happy to hear of any interest in the gallery."

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