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Andrea Williams Teaches Art on the Road

It’s been a winding road for new Anderson Artists Guild member Andrea Williams, but she has finally found a way to make a career out of art.

A native of Peoria, Illinois, she worked a variety of jobs after high school, including at Caterpillar, a manufacturer of construction equipment, and at Big Surf, an Arizona water park. Her job titles included general manager assistant, executive assistant, and office manager. Basically, she said, “I kept things running.”

When her husband was transferred to South Carolina, she became a stay-at-home mom for a while before returning to work. At one point, she was the volunteer coordinator at Foothills Alliance. “I liked that we were helping people and making sure they were being taken care of,” she said.

Then, for a year, she owned a “paint and sip” franchise (teaching painting classes that might also include wine) but sold it due to health issues.

Three years ago, she opened her own “paint and sip” business called Errant Artistry. She offers interactive, step-by-step painting classes at various locations around the Upstate.

Venues have included Kitchen Emporium and Magnetic South Brewery in Anderson and Steam Coffee & Cream and Voodoo Brewing Company in Fountain Inn. She partners with the business to promote the event, which customers register and pay for through her website. The event takes place in the open during regular business hours during a slower weekday, bringing in customers. Currently, she has 10 venues on rotation on various schedules: monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly.

She also offers private parties for events like birthdays or company team building.

She has created over 100 paintings and tailors the subject matter to the venue and to customer preferences. She’s got a groovy guitar for breweries, an abstract landscape for wineries, and a kitten poking out of a coffee cup for coffee shops, for instance.

“I love to paint and express myself through art,” she said. “I enjoy meeting new people and making people happy and entertaining them.”

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