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Lynn Ziemba Creates Custom Art

New Anderson Artists Guild member Lynn Ziemba has never shied away from a challenge. Though she left college to start a family, she has taken a lot of art classes over the years, and those classes led her in multiple artistic directions.

For instance, after taking a calligraphy class (and giving birth to her third child), she left her job as an executive assistant at the Medical College of Georgia and became a calligrapher. She designed invitations, wrote poems to be framed, and addressed a lot of envelopes. Brides referred her to their friends. “I bought a living room set off one wedding,” she said. “I did it until my hand gave out.”

More long lasting was the faux finish and mural business she and a friend operated in Augusta, Georgia, from 1999 to 2013. They worked with designers and contractors to do specialized painting in homes, businesses, and country clubs. Projects included marbling columns, painting distressed diamonds, and creating murals. Clients included Macy’s, Kimberly Clark, and Lazy Boy. “The last one was the big hurrah,” she said. “It was a 16-foot-high octagonal ceiling like a tent. They wanted a dramatic sky. I was on double scaffolding for a week.”

These days, her artwork is less dangerous as she has switched to commissions to portray pets, houses, and churches in acrylic and watercolor.


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