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Diana Winuk Turns Art into Memorials

For many years, art provided some much-needed peace in Anderson Artists Guild member Diana Winuk’s stressful life. “It was calming to create something for other people to enjoy,” she said. Though she took a lot of art classes, Winuk followed her father into the criminal justice field. “It was a job I wanted to do and to do well,” she said. She worked as a police officer in Florida before joining the Marines, where she spent four years in the military police, including working in the brig, a military jail. After her military service, she went to work at a maximum-security county jail for male inmates in Maricopa County, Arizona. “It was a very hard job,” she said. “You always had to watch you

10 AAG Members Selected for BRAC Juried Show

The 2020 Juried Exhibition at the Blue Ridge Arts Center in Seneca opened on Jan. 17 and will run through Feb. 27. Juror Susan B. Wooten selected 84 pieces for exhibition from over 120 pieces submitted. Ten Anderson Artists Guild (AAG) members were among those selected: JoAnne Anderson, Debbie Bzdyl, Carolyn Gibson, Sharon Jacobs, Julie Lamp, Brenda McLean, Donna Persinger, Lori Solymosi, Diana Walter, and Michelle Winnie. The Best in Show Award ($500 plus a solo exhibition) went to Melody Davis for What Gramma Knows (The End Zone). Three AAG members also won awards. Brenda McLean won the $250 Drawing Merit Award for Road to Highlands. Michelle Winnie won the $200 Dohr Award for Awaken. Caro

Using the Pixlr App

Member Carolyn Gibson shared tips on using the free Pixlr photo editing app on a cell phone at the January 13 meeting of the Anderson Artists Guild. Design and composition are the most important elements in Gibson’s photography, and she often finds herself following a theme—like mailboxes or old mills—until she tires of it. “If Andy Warhol can do soup cans, there’s no reason I can’t make a theme out of mailboxes,” she said. She likes strong colors and often uses repeating colors to unify a composition. She also advises considering all space in a composition, including negative space. And she loves to mix textures. She is always on the lookout for potential textured “backgrounds,” from a bric

A History of the Anderson Artists Guild

The following history of the Anderson Artists Guild is a collaborative effort of several long-time members: The players in the story of the Anderson Artists Association (later known as the Anderson Artists Guild) and the Anderson County Arts Center (later known as The Anderson Arts Center) are so intertwined that it is impossible to tell the story of one without the story of the other. Consequently, this is an abbreviated history of two divergent yet conjoined groups whose interests are identical: fostering the practice and appreciation of the arts in our greater community. Since their inception in 1972, the Anderson Artists Guild and the formal bricks-and-mortar Anderson Arts Center have pr

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